For other mishaps, pack crazy glue, extra buttons, and clear nail polish for pantyhose runs. Better yet, pack a few extra pairs of pantyhose stockings, for you and your bridesmaids. Other items to consider bringing are a spot remover and white chalk for tidying any last minute smudges on your gown. Pins, scissors, and hem tape can be lifesavers in the dressing rooms.

Some items on your list are easy to remember, such as China Cosmetic Packaging, bobby pins, safety pins, hair spray or gel, hand lotion, astringent pads, and an extra tube of lipstick. Others are easier to forget so keep a check list in your purse and add items as you think of them. Take a look at your list and check it periodically. Particularly add those items for which you are special preferences, either because you use it frequently or insist on a particular brand name.

Its easier to run out these items and you will likely really miss it when its not available. Remember, you want to make yourself comfortable and organized when stress and nerves are likely to be most likely to create forgetfulness.You and your child have decided she will attend a year round boarding school. Now, she needs to know what she should pack. Most schools supply a list of items that are necessary. Consult with the dorm parent or admissions office if you and your child have any questions.

Consider your special clients for gifting. Think of a good gift which is packaged in unique containers for any occasion. Presentation matters a lot. Also, do not forget to consider the sex of the client. If your client is a lady, you can think of special gifts for them. It is very easy to impress a women client with beautiful gifts.