The maintenance issues are less obvious. Cosmetic laser service must be conducted regularly to ensure proper operation. Usage slowly affects important elements of the lasers, and unless regularly checked, they may break down or malfunction. These systematic checks can find potential problems before they develop, and prevent problems.

If you have discolored, chipped or stained teeth, veneers may be the way to go. Veneers are in big demand these days as a low-risk fix that will effectively improve a person's appearance, turning stained or chipped mouths into white, even smiles. Any missing corner or part of a tooth can also be smoothed over using veneers.

Your veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or other material that covers the teeth and fixes all kinds of irregularities, from holes and chopped corners to unsightly stains.

In some cases, some tooth enamel has to be removed for the veneer to be placed, so patients consult with Bolingbrook dentists to test results and get the perfect fit. Doctors can also counsel patients about any effects or tooth sensitivity due to placing the veneer, and any other concerns or issues as they arise.