It’s great for day hiking and backpacking when you’re near frequent water sources because you can minimize the amount you need to carry. The bottle-based form factor also works very well for mountain biking if you have an adjustable-sized bottle cage that fits different size containers and can eliminate the need to carry a hydration pack or a lot of water treatment paraphernalia.Plasel Precision Plastics, a worldwide provider of these types of packages, designs and engineers each type for a variety of industries and customer applications.

Recently, a Plasel customer needed to prototype a new package design to make sure it would fit with an automated conveying system. Plasel used Stratasys 3D printing technology to create a blow mold for a run of 100 package prototypes. Choosing 3D printing over traditional machining for these prototypes offered savings of time (90% faster) and money (94% less expensive) compared with traditional machining methods for blow molded prototypes.

The 3D printed blow molds allowed this small-scale production run to happen in just two days. “Stratasys 3D printed blow molds were ideal for producing the prototypes our customer urgently needed to get their new product to market,” explained Nir Hadar, a research and development manager at Plasel.It’s quite possible (especially because we absolutely suck at promotion) you haven’t heard, but we’ve just wrapped filming on our first feature (Modern Toss, incidentally you’ll find the early parts of a diary we kept but haven’t typed up yet elsewhere on the site).

Before we go any further, let’s say now, Filming was a blast with a capital B, then a second b in lowercase and two exclamation marks at the end, (so that should read Bblast!!). Seriously, if you’re wannabe indie filmmakers like us, whatever else you do in life, go and make that incredibly low budget, every favour you can imagine called in, feature. Can’t guarantee you’ll make any money or anything, but the experience alone is, simply put, Awesome (Or Aawesome!!)

One scene in Modern Toss involves the throwing of beer bottles. Now realism and the likes of Dogme 95 are great (in doses) but it’s a bit unreasonable to throw solid glass beer bottles at your cast (especially if said cast are only working for expenses and the offer of a free showreel). The answer of course was sugar glass; that’s the fancy shit they use in westerns, drama’s about drunken men in the North of England and on those game shows (Distraction) channel 4 broadcasts every so often that do everything they can to be ‘zainy’