Within this segment, barrier coatings – such as silicon oxide (SiOx) and aluminium oxide (AlOx) – are finding applications for high-barrier food Cosmetic Pencils and will present both a growing threat and opportunity to multilayer specialty barrier film suppliers over the forecast period.Safety and security films (pressure-sensitive security labels, interlayer films and surface protection films) are the second largest area of application, accounting for just over 20% of consumption, followed by food contact and shrink films.

He said hundreds of smaller players in the biscuit, snacks and confectionery market compete at the lowest price points which target low income areas or in small urban or rural cities.The market size of this sector, however, would be smaller than the organised sector. The industry is facing severe threat from manufacturers of counterfeit biscuits and candies.

Engineering apps includes tools like stand-alone simulation apps, simulation templates and job-specific CAE tools. They can make digital prototyping a ubiquitous part of the product design cycle. To see which simulation vendors offer engineering apps read this e-book,“The role of simulation in the overall product development process is gaining more importance,” said Srinivasa Shankar, director of Global Simulation Product Marketing at Siemens PLM Software. “This is driven by trends such as increased product complexity and shorter development cycles.

Simulation offers the opportunity to front-load development by exploring various design options earlier and then refining chosen designs faster.”Development teams are learning that non-simulation experts can find flaws in designs earlier in the development cycle thanks to engineering apps. This way, errors and flaws can be fixed early, faster and cheaper, making your development team the new “Golden Heroes” of the office.